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Carrie Nidd is a coach and executive coach training facilitator for Star Leadership. With more than a decade of experience in coaching, related practices and courses such as certified enneagram practitioner, Tiff (transactional analysis) Practitioner, Parent Coach (Jai Institute For Parenting) and Parent Effectiveness (Gordon Training International) under her belt, Carrie’s passion lies in relationship coaching.

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships remains one of her favourite quotes. Carrie admits that having children, profoundly impacted her choice of focus when it comes to coaching. Her natural connection with children, tweens and teens means that she can sincerely reach out and guide individuals, partners in a relationship and coaching parents and teens/children to bring about empowerment in their relationships, in line with their individual values and needs.

Much of Carrie’s interests are also fuelled through following inspirational personalities, psychotherapists, authors and speakers such as Ester Perel and Shefali Tsabart. Through her experience over the years, one of the most enjoyable parts of coaching is being invited into someone’s very personal psychological territory and be witness to their vulnerable thoughts. Through her deep understanding of this sacred space, she can genuinely apply her skills to help shift individuals, partners and families to use stumbling blocks as stepping stones, and help make visible the sometimes hidden skills and strengths.

Prior to becoming a coach, Carrie founded and managed a business, for over a decade. This was sold when she became a mom of two and she decided to finish her degree in industrial and general psychology and continue her work as a coach.

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