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Who we are

Star Leadership was formed in 2013, with a primary focus on offering Coach Training and Leadership Development programmes to organisations and individuals. We have since grown into one of South Africa’s top coaching companies, offering a wide variety of development programmes; namely Star Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme, Star Leadership Development, Mentorship Programmes and a Consulting arm to offer business around the country a first class experience, bringing in the latest global trends in leadership thinking.

Our values are: be real, be true and be you. Our material is designed to significantly impact how you think, decide and act, empowering a real and sustainable shift in yourself by raising your levels of Consciousness, Self-Awareness and promoting genuine Self-Love.

The effect of this is a shift from the need to be the best “in” the world, to a desire to be the best “for” the world.


One of the key challenges in organisations is to create a culture that empowers people to create and innovate. They put people onto programmes that claim to deliver this, yet often the policies and procedures of the organisation prevent any chance of implementation. Companies also want people to speak up, but with a mind-set that this becomes a career limiting move, or the undertone of ‘you better not fail’ this becomes an impossible target to achieve. If there is no sanctuary, all things desired struggle to thrive.


The way people connect in this world is through communication and it is the quality of our communication that greatly impacts / influences the quality of our relationships. The quality of our relationships then influences the ability to work together, and co-create or collaborate together. We believe most companies sit with that never answered question: how do we address the communication culture so that it will translate into more productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.


The world as a whole experiences a great leadership vacuum. How does one lead in today’s day and age? More than anything else, what leaders have shown over the last decade is what one might say ‘the complete antithesis of authenticity.’ But what does it mean really to be authentic? And how do we instill the courage into those leaders that seek to try?


Most people throw around the word ‘responsibility’, but there are few who really understand the depth and significance of what this means. A real understanding here creates real shifts in people’s minds, which translates into a culture of people who take ownership and hold themselves and others accountable.

STAR Methodology: Transcendent Leadership Compass
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