The greatest value I have gained from this programme, is to understand what it means to being true, being real, being me. This programme has allowed me to be consciously aware to love, honour and respect myself. It has taught me that I am fully responsible for the outcome of my life and every decision point. It has allowed me to stand in my power with grace and gentleness.

~ Pamela Kinsella

The shift in this module was tangible. I saw coaching thru a completely different lens and I have achieved a whole new level and insight into BEING COACHING, the watching PROCESS, “holding “the client and creating FERTILE SOIL for growth and shift to occur. I really didn’t get this before and am excited to start COACHING!

~ Gail Mervis

An understanding of the cycle that runs me and how to recognise the triggers that begin the cycle and how to stop it. I have a much greater awareness of self and how I am the only one standing in the way of achieving what I really want in life. Also that it’s a journey and I need to be patient, it’s worth it.

~ Anonymous

I am so different after going through this process – I feel free-er. More fully self-expressed. I feel empowered. I realise that I create my own reality. Through setting boundaries reducing drama in my life.

~ Natalie Ernst

The greatest value I have gained is in loving, honouring and respecting myself. I am learning how to be kinder to myself and not judge myself too harshly. I have learnt that what I wanted above everything else was to build deeper connections with people but that journey starts with me.

~ Sharmila Govind

I have gained to be more mindful and aware of my feelings and reactions. To be more aware of my subconscious. I am different as I see myself with theses amazing feelings and the ability to be aware of them. I am different as my subconscious will become my conscious.

~ Dominique Brits

Going through the programme as allowed me to identify and define my personality. Realising and becoming aware of why things in my life don’t go according to plan and the missing ingredient in achieving my goals. In the great puzzle of life, I feel I just found the missing piece I needed to complete it.

~ Kane Pretorius

I have an undoubtable deeper understanding and regained a sense of self. Diagrams, pictures representing brain’s processes during these events. More understanding on the physical i.e. brain itself, hormones secreted, chemical reactions etc…

~ Helen Reis

The time, space and tools to unpack what I’ve been wondering about and has been lurking in my thinking, but I’ve never gifted myself with the time.

~ Mlisska Hubert