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Teen Mastery

Teen Mastery

Nelson Mandela said: The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Now imagine a world where are leaders have shaped the skills of self-awareness, self-acceptance, emotional intelligence, self-control and self-worth from a young age, and they are therefore able to lead with passion and purpose.  

At Star Leadership, we recognise that it is the habits we build and establish in our early years, that often builds and establishes what we can create for ourselves in our later years. The STAR TEENS Personal Mastery Series has been designed to significantly impact how they think, decide and act, empowering a real and sustainable shift by raising their levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence  and promoting genuine Self-Love.  

This uniquely developed programme is made up of 5 x 2-hour sessions over a course of 5 weeks, and the process will easily fit into and support the school curriculum while creating key competencies that will set them up for success.

The outcomes of this life-changing programme will help your teen make a significant leap in self-awareness, that will enable a different level of control over actions and choices. It will also equip participants with the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions of their own, and of others –  enabling a significant level of control over your actions and choices. We also focus on controlling attitude, thereby positively influencing emotional state, which will have a direct influence over results. Tying this all together through building empowering relationships, we can teach teens how to take ownership and accountability.

This programme is also offered for Teachers and Parents, if you are interested in this, let us know.

                Please email for programme costs and additional info

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