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Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

Why coaching supervision? As an industry, there are still no barriers to entry. This means anyone with no formal coach training can start to market themselves as a coach. Professional bodies are working very hard at changing this, and in the interim, to distinguish yourself from other coaches it is important to stay in regular coaching supervision.

When a supervisee comes to supervision, both people will be changed by the relationship and the conversation that happens between them. (Supervision).. is a place for everyone in the system to be thought about or held in mind. It is a place to have deep conversations; it is a place to think creatively with a joined heart/mind perspective.’ Joan Wilmot

‘Supervision is a place where a living profession breathes and learns…supervision can be a very important part of taking care of oneself, staying open to new learning’ Hawkins and Shohet (3)

Article inspired by Edna Murdoch, Coaching Supervision Academy

Defining supervision and what it can provide for you:

As coaches, we can become consumed by the day to day challenges of running a coaching practice. In the process we can forget about ourselves as people who need support, ourselves as professionals who need to ensure we offer ethically sound work and ourselves as coaches who continually need to sharpen the saw. I often wonder who we are as coaches that we put our professionalism, ourselves and our development last? It must affect our work and this is why regular coaching supervision is so vital.

Coaching supervision fulfils three main functions and benefits:
  1. It enhances the quality of the coaching provided, focuses on the professional aspects of contracting, mandates and boundary management as well as ethical standards thereby protecting the client.
  2. It provides a developmental space for continued learning and growth for coaches in a supportive, safe space that allows for expression and development of the coach’s own brand and unique offering.
  3. It provides psychological and emotional support for the coach in a confidential, non-judgmental space where challenges and blind spots can be addressed and achievements can be celebrated.

See you at coaching supervision!

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