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"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them"

STAR Leadership Development
Leadership Development in the 21st Century

Today we all, individuals and businesses alike, face a myriad of challenges like none other that we have had to face before. As the Baby-Boomer generation starts to depart and the Millennia’s take their place we face multiple shifts in how to lead effectively and manage this transition. No longer do businesses operate in isolation, they play on a global playing-field where competition is no longer industry specific. With platform economics competition can enter from any field. 

To remain sustainable in the VUCA climate (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) in which we operate today, where the only certainty is uncertainty, companies need to remain relevant. In order to do so requires innovation and the ability to keep up or surpass the current external rate of change. In no other time then has Peter Senge’s Personal Mastery and Learning Organisation principles been more relevant then today as it enables and facilitates individuals and companies alike to meet the current demands. 

STAR Leadership is a professional leadership development and coaching enterprise that supports corporates to consistently accomplish sterling business results by maximising their human capital and creating high performance teams.

Creating high performance individuals for superior business results

We see developing coaching skills akin to learning a new language, the universal language of change and learning. Through learning how to coach you learn how to think differently, and it is only through changing ones thinking that one can sustainably change the reality one creates. It is from this perspective we believe coach training is key to leadership development, as without coach training individuals leave conferences and training exercises with self awareness but without the tools to successfully implement and apply those aspects to the  people they work with and who would benefit from the same self-awareness.   

To coach or not to coach

The essence of executive coaching is about working below the surface. With this approach the coach helps the client to understand who they are, why they are like that and how this influences their behaviours and responses. When a client engages with this work in a coaching relationship change becomes sustainable.

Claire Hack, Head of Organisational Development, AB Agri

What is the purpose of the programme?
  • To empower leaders to get to a place where incorporating the values of the wellbeing economy becomes a possibility
  • To empower leaders to shift from the need to be ‘the best in the world’, to being ‘the best for the world’
  • To create awareness of and the ability to; implement the vision and values on the wall, to real time delivery of those values on the floor
  • To leave with a deep understanding and knowing how to truly embed the desired organisational values to create the culture that will drive sustainability
What is the intended outcome?
  • For each leader to be able to create the right conditions that supports and encourages transparency in a manner that allows people to show up authentically
  • For each leader to become aware of the impact they have and the ability to motivate and grow individuals to meet the needs and demands of the organisation
  • For each leader to leave with a new and heightened understanding of responsibility, the effect of which is improved productivity and profitability within your organisation
What makes this programme different from other programmes like it?
  • The desire and commitment from the Star Facilitation team to make all the concepts real and practical and to provide each leader the pathway to implement, apply and integrate everything back into the business
  • This leadership programme is very much a Self-Leadership and Personal Mastery adventure
  • Leave with a new found understanding of who you are and how you impact your world today and how you can impact and influence your world tomorrow

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