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Mary J is a coach, coach training facilitator and leads Star Mentorship as mentor coach. She attributes the success she has enjoyed throughout her 22-year career spanning the retail, online gaming, financial services and coaching sectors to being deeply curious and people focused.

It is this drive to better understand what makes us who we are and why we do the things we do that led her to first study at, and then join, STAR Leadership (Pty) Ltd.

She is also founder of a licensed financial services provider, where she leads the way in offering a more human approach to money. Focused on the people she calls Change-Makers, she helps them shift the way they earn and spend their money to align with what feels most purposeful and meaningful to them.

With a vision to change the world in some way herself, Mary J also mentors and coaches financial services professionals around how to develop, nurture and grow the skills to coach their clients to better financial and life outcomes.

Led by her values of freedom created by connection, contribution and response-ability, Mary J’s approach to all areas of her work is to help others connect their thinking, feelings and actions in a manner that supports them to create meaningful relationships in their lives, including their one with money. Relationships being where, she believes, most of our fulfillment and satisfaction in life is derived.

Mary J is an ICF member holding the PCC credential. She is also a member of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa as a Registered Financial Practitioner™.

As an accredited Integrated Enneagram Solutions Practitioner and Team Facilitator Mary J believes the journey of the Enneagram is a powerful and supportive complement to any self- development work.

Contact Mary on 082 455 5919 or

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