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Mark Fraser-Grant

Mark Fraser-Grant is a director of Beyond Coaching, a South African business transformation and people company, with a global client base. He is a Consciousness Coach®, Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Master Facilitator for Beyond Coaching and now recently for STARLeadership.

Managing a portfolio of multi-national and local coaching clients in the oil/energy, financial services, FMCG and service industries, Mark supports companies in becoming organizations with a well-defined sense of purpose that are more effective, with fewer distractions and misunderstanding; while eliminating people-generated mischief such as gossiping and sabotage. Dedicated to developing consciousness in individuals,executives, teams and organisations, Mark coaches his clients in self-awareness and development, conscious leadership and effective relationship building. High performance collaboration and high performing teams are his speciality.

Mark has also developed a case study that reduces staff attrition in the contact centre industry saving clients millions in talent retention.

Mark is very passionate about people – people who want to get things done and achieve results whilst having fun, and nothing makes him feel more privileged than to be in a role that supports and develops people to recognize their own greatness.

Mark has over 10,000 hours in coaching, facilitation and training work over the last 15 years.

Contact Mark on 083 297 4224 or

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