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Johan Pieters

Johan has a deep desire to serve the spiritual and personal growth of others. While the context changed over the years, the core desire never did.

Johan’s background is Christian Theology, and over three decades – he served various Churches and Communities. From this period, he says that it will remain a blessing and inspiration to know that he was allowed to witness and share in the deepest and most honest moments in the lives of people. A particularly challenging yet satisfying work was grappling with both sacred texts and their contexts. As an avid reader of academic and coaching specific texts, journals and biographies, and with his keen interest in contemporary news and culture, Johan has a firm understanding of current affairs and how they shape our questions and identities.

Entering the world of Coaching came as a natural progression. Johan’s passion for people and his well-developed skills of being patient, a good listener and the ability to ask powerful questions, allows
him to create a safe space where coaches can participate free from judgement and reservation.

Johan believes as a Coach, it remains a sacred ground to enter the life-story of people; to journey with them, discover an inspiring future with them, and then share the exciting process as they master the skills to realise this inspiring future.

Johan has a specific focus on helping people master conflict through an understanding of the forces that shape their behaviour.

Johan holds a variety of academic degrees, including a PhD in Theology and Economics from UKZN. Johan is also a trained family law mediator. At Star Leadership, Johan enjoys his position as mentor and coach.

Contact Johan on 083 708 3405 or

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