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Dominique Brits

Dominique is leading Star Teens and acts as a Facilitator and Life Coach for STAR Leadership. She helps organise and run the Teen Personal Mastery Series monthly – ranging from ages 11 – 21 year old. Each group is designed to create safety, openness, honesty and passion for life.

One of Dominique’s top values is Education. This has been her life for nearly two decades. She has an Honours degree in Remedial Teaching.

Dominique’s experience ranges across various schools, abilities, ages, backgrounds and cultures. Having travelled in Africa for many months, Dominique was introduced to extreme situations. She soon realised that – on an emotional level – children and adults are equally misunderstood.

This lead to her becoming a qualified Life Coach to empower herself and those around her. She has combined both of her worlds. Still working in schools always keeps her in connection
with and understanding of children, teachers and parents.

Having overcome many of her own personal challenges in life, Dominique is always willing and open to improve on herself. She has become more passionate about self-development than ever before. This not only impacts herself, but helps her to become a better wife, mom and sister in society.

Her husband and two amazing children cheer her on daily as she builds a life of her dreams.

Contact STAR Leadership on 074 991 6340 or for more information.

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