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Ashlea Barker

Currently Ashlea’s passion involves coaching entrepreneurs in transcending their current thinking and supporting them in bringing their ideas to the world. She works with the integral coaching methodology, understanding people as a whole, and working systemically to shift ingrained patterns of behaviour.

Ashlea facilitates leadership development using Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Systems Thinking and ‘Leaders as Coaches’ methodology. First, one must understand oneself, then, one can understand others, and integrally, understand the environments in which they exist and collaborate. Having a full understanding in these three areas, empowers leaders to lead empathically and authentically, and have coaching conversations with their biggest assets, their people. Transcendent Leadership shifts organisations to a space of alignment and empowerment. Business, as opposed to being B2B,or B2C, isH2H, HumantoHuman.

Ashlea’s facilitation style is collaborative, enquiry-based and from the lens of a multiplier, using all the brains in the room, bringing the collective intelligence forth. Learning ‘lands’ when it’s interactive and the ‘human-ness’ is valued and supported.

Ashlea is also passionate about learning and education, shifting from the traditional to a new, collaborative, project-based, inventive and innovative, problem-solving, critical thinking model.

In this new realm ‘Teachers as Coaches’ facilitate learning, and embody growth– mindset, grit, and high performance, focusing on EQ as well as IQ, whilst addressing the bigger system of family and parental consciousness.

Contact Ashlea on 083 414 2724 or

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