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Diversity & Inclusion Programme

Diversity & Inclusion Programme

Various dictionaries, theories and articles all come to the same definition, that being openhearted means being kind, honest, and generous. This feeling comes naturally to our loved ones and friends, as  they are in our circle of love and trust. But it is often not so easy to exhibit the same feelings in the workplace where we are confronted by people from different backgrounds, beliefs, values, gender, race and age. Having a preconceived idea and attitude towards any of these differences, are seen as being prejudice.

In  the  business world we operate in today, prejudice can significantly impact a company’s ability to create a working environment that capitalises on strengths, diversity and inclusion, a known  enabler for creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction. Prejudice damages the bottom line, adversely affects workplace morale and lowers productivity.

This unique programme by Star Leadership is an absolute celebration of differences! It was developed through the collaboration of individuals from different backgrounds, with the purpose of helping others move from being prejudicing to being open hearted. The outcomes are focussed on creating a sincere understanding, appreciating and accepting of the differences between various ethnic or social groups, cultures and religions. The content is created to enable managers and employees to let go of any remnants of divisive or hurtful thinking and empower them to leave with open hearts and open minds.

The final conclusion will be a powerful facilitated dialogue where people get to voice their views, feel heard, and together create a new way to move forward through full acceptance.

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