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Powerful Teams Programme

Powerful Teams Programme

This 6 month programme consists of individual coaching, team coaching, psychometric assessments and stakeholder feedback. The process aligns and focuses teams on developing their high impact skills, attitudes and behaviours that deliver measurable shifts in team performance.


Align on the team vision, ensuring there is a unique promise, purpose and clear goal.

Raise awareness on team strengths, preferences and blindspots.

Grow leaders within the team as multipliers rather than diminishers through coaching and mentoring.

Build trust within the team to ensure safety during crucial conversations.

Enable teams to handle conflict as a constructive growth strategy.

Create conditions of flow to support team members in going the extra mile.

The essence of coaching is about working below the surface, where the coach helps the team member understand who they are, why they are like they are and how this influences their behaviours and responses. When a team member engages with this type of work in a coaching relationship, change becomes sustainable.


Up to 150% improvement in key team behaviours and output.

Greater clarity, alignment & direction within the team and as a result, in the greater working environment.

A distinct growth in leadership capability.

A sustainable process with behaviour-change driven by increased awareness and healthy boundaries in place.

Improved communication, speed & effectiveness.

Reduced hours wasted in miscommunication and unnecessary meetings.

Tools and processes to manage conflict, build trust and increase awareness levels.

Please email for programme costs and additional info

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