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STAR Personal Mastery Programme

Star Leadership offers tailored one-day workshops where we cover 4 key topics that are instrumentally linked to leadership development: Boundaries, Self-love, Responsibility and Who you are in the world. This workshop is designed to create a deeper understanding of your purpose in the world, and by mastering these 4 topics, it will become empowerment tool in all areas of your life.


What are boundaries? Another concept we throw around and perhaps use across our days. But what does it really mean? How would you describe your own boundaries, and how would you know you have implemented them? A key to healthy relationships is healthy boundaries and effective communication. This workshop is about empowering you to communicate the things that are important to you in your life, and learning how to say no.


What does it mean to have true Self-Love? This is a term I think we all believe we do. Self-Love is the outcome of the choices we make in our lives. Would a person who had self-love allow themselves to be sacrificed? Would they put themselves in a position to get burnt out, taken advantage of, used or abused? Stay in an unhealthy relationship? Most likely not. And yet many people live with these things in their current reality.  This is an inquiry to look at what Self-Love really means and how you can start making choices to reflect that.


Responsibility, a concept we talk about every day, one we would definitely associate with oneself. But do you really know what the word responsibility ‘really’ means? When we begin to explore this a little deeper, many of us do not. The result of which is endless drama, story, blame and complaint.


According to Wikipedia, Courage is described as ‘The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery’. When was the last time you did something like this? When was the last time you made a decision to risk, in a way that deeply affected your life for good? In the context of personal mastery courage can be linked instrumentally to ‘the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of facing failure or rejection in both a physical, mental or emotional context’. If we can learn to be vulnerable, we can learn to be courageous, and this is where we start to see shifts that change your lives.

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