We pride ourselves on having a team of top executive coaches - all who have a wealth of experience across the corporate arenas. All our coaches have gone through the STAR transformational journey and embody our values.
Star Leadership Savannah Steinberg

Savannah Steinberg – Founding Director (Master Certified Coach) 

Savannah started her formal coaching career in 2004. It was born out of a deep desire to help individuals master the skill of shifting to a level of consciousness, emotional intelligence, and self-love that would profoundly impact themselves and those around them. Through her studies, research of coaching methodologies, and years of training locally and internationally, she has developed specialised skills and founded several programmes to guide clients to master agility, self-love and authenticity.

With more than 2,500 coaching hours and over 200 consciousness development and coach training interventions, Savannah knows that to develop sustainable and significant transformation, it requires a shift in thinking.  Her focus is therefore to help individuals shift from the need to be the best “in” the world, to a desire to be the best “for” the world.

She is also actively involved in projects that support radical transformation in the education system in South Africa, and see herself as a lifetime student; constantly exploring the latest trends and developments in the organisational learning and development fields. In addition to being a Master Certified Coach, Savannah also holds a Masters Degree in Business and Executive Coaching where the topic of her thesis was Exploring Expert Performance in Business and Executive Coaching. It is the research and findings from this research that forms the foundation of the Star Coaching Methodology and the Transcendent Leadership Compass (TLC).

Star Leadership Heidi Poulton

Heidi Poulton – Facilitator & Coach (Professional Certified Coach)

Heidi is a qualified Executive and Business Coach with over 2 500 coaching hours over the past 25 years, and has trained both locally and Internationally. She’s worked across a variety of industries with clients at Board, Executive, senior and middle-management in the private and public sectors. Due to her background, her practical and results oriented approach enables her to partner with people from all levels to create shifts in their thinking and behaviour to build leadership capability. She relishes working with high powered individuals – helping them to consistently and effectively get the best out of their team, their people and themselves.

Heidi is a facilitator of Leadership Development, EQ, Team Coaching, Diversity and Change Management. Heidi is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.  She is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as well as a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a qualified trauma counsellor and an accredited assessor. In addition to this, Heidi is an author with many articles published, and several appearances on TV and radio.

Star Leadership Cynthia Pillay

Cynthia Pillay – Facilitator & Coach

Cynthia is a trained diversity facilitator and has experience in organisational development, team cohesion, culture surveys, and coaching. Her coaching career was born out of a deep desire to support people on their transformational journey. She has trained managers in coaching for performance and facilitated inter-personal skills sessions.  Over the last 4 years she has coached across all levels in organisations with a focus in personal development, leadership development, dealing with work related issues and team dynamics.

Prior to this she worked as a Group Head of HR for a financial services provider. She has more than 14 years of experience as an HR generalist partnering with business to achieve results.  She enjoys designing and developing HR initiatives that are aligned to the strategic direction of the various businesses she partners with.

She has worked on initiatives involving the clarification of vision and values, team and leadership development, culture and change management for a variety of businesses and Leadership teams. Her way of working is characterised by a partnership approach to problem solving, creative approaches to experiential learning and dynamic interventions in both skills development and awareness raising

Star Leadership Mary Fourie

Mary Fourie – Facilitator & Coach (Associate Certified Coach)

Mary is a Coach and Facilitator for Star Leadership. She also works as a Lifestyle Financial Planner in her own private practice – My Journey 2 Freedom.

She specializes in having heartfelt and courageous conversations with individuals, couples and families – helping them find clarity about what is of value to them and how they can create more of that in their lives, living in alignment with their heart and soul. Topics of interest include relationship to self and spirituality, relationship to money, relationships with other people as well as life purpose and career paths.

Being motivated by Maya Angelou who once said “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”, Mary works with her clients to connect their thinking, feelings and actions in a manner that supports them to create meaningful relationships in their lives. Relationships being where, she believes, most of our fulfillment and satisfaction in life is derived.

Mary has completed her Professional Coach Training through Star Leadership’s ICF approved Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme, is an ICF member and Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Mary is also an Integrated Enneagram Solutions accredited iEQ9 Practitioner and Team Facilitator and believes the journey of the Enneagram is a powerful and supportive compliment to any self-development work.

Star Leadership Ziyanda Masiza

Ziyanda Masiza – Facilitator and Coach

Ziyanda is the founding member of Sakhingomso Consulting and has over 5 years’ experience in Executive and Leadership Coaching up to executive level. She has extensive HR and Business Management experience.  She is a board member of a Training Institution in the Agriculture Industry serving as a non-executive director, as well as a shareholder at inavitIQ Group and Founder/MD of ZiyandaM PTY LTD.  She is a Facilitator for leadership interventions, team effectiveness, change management, skills development and Women in Leadership initiatives.

Ziyanda has a Bachelor of Social Science degree, Honours in Industrial Psychology, currently enrolled for MCom: Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

With wealth of experience in International Best Practice, and very passionate and confident in her craft “Business Transformation and or Building Business through its people”. She delivers quality, sustainable solutions that are tailor-made to fit the customer’s unique needs.

Star Leadership Ashlea Barker

Ashlea Barker – Facilitator and Coach

Ashlea is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years corporate experience in the areas of Auditing, Financial Management and Corporate Finance, majority of which was in the listed Telecoms and IT sectors. Her experiences in facilitating transactions and participating in corporate discussions led to her following her passion to work with people through coaching and facilitation.  

Currently her passion involves coaching entrepreneurs in transcending their current thinking and supporting them in bringing their ideas to the world. She works with the integral coaching methodology, understanding people as a whole, and working systemically to shift ingrained patterns of behaviour. 

Ashlea facilitates leadership development using Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Systems Thinking and ‘Leaders as Coaches’ methodology. First, one must understand oneself, then, one can understand others, and integrally, understand the environments in which they exist and collaborate. Having a full understanding in these three areas, empowers leaders to lead empathically and authentically, and have coaching conversations with their biggest assets, their people. Transcendent Leadership shifts organisations to a space of alignment and empowerment. Business, as opposed to being B2B, or B2C, is H2H, Human to Human. 

Her facilitation style is collaborative, enquiry-based and from the lens of a multiplier, using all the brains in the room, bringing the collective intelligence forth. Learning ‘lands’ when its interactive and the ‘human-ness’ is valued and supported.  

She is also passionate about learning and education, shifting from the traditional to a new, collaborative, project-based, inventive and innovative, problem-solving, critical thinking model. In this new realm ‘Teachers as Coaches’ facilitate learning, and embody growthmindset, grit, and high performance, focusing on EQ as well as IQ, whilst addressing the bigger system of family and parental consciousness.

Star Leadership Carrie Nidd

Carrie Nidd – Facilitator and Coach

Carrie Nidd is a coach and executive coach training facilitator for Star Leadership. With more than a decade of experience in coaching, related practices and courses such as certified Parent Coach (Jai Institute For Parenting) and Parent Effectiveness (Gordon Training International) under her belt, Carrie’s passion lies in family coaching.

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships remains one of her favourite quotes. Carrie admits that having children, profoundly impacted her choice of focus when it comes to coaching. Her natural connection with children, tweens and teens means that she can sincerely reach out and guide individuals, partners in a relationship and coaching parents and teens/children to bring about empowerment in their relationships, in line with their individual values and needs.

Much of Carrie’s interests are also fuelled through following inspirational personalities, psychotherapists, authors and speakers such as Ester Perel. Through her extensive experience over the years, one of the most enjoyable parts of coaching is being invited into someone’s very personal psychological territory and be witness to their vulnerable thoughts. Through her deep understanding of this sacred space, she can genuinely apply her skills to help shift individuals, partners and families to use stumbling blocks as stepping stones, and help make visible the sometimes hidden skills and strengths.

Prior to becoming a coach, Carrie founded and managed an aviation business, offering helicopter tours and charters in and around KZN for over a decade. This was sold when she became a mom of two and she decided to finish her degree in psychology and continue her work as a coach.

Star Leadership Dominique Brits

Dominique Brits – Facilitator and Coach

Dominique Brits is a coach for Star Leadership. She specializes in teachers, parents, teens, tweens and children group coaching. Being a teacher, herself, for 15 years and seeing the huge need for life skills and emotional support, Dominique has directed her career to Life Coaching. She has the passion and love for supporting, guiding and facilitating groups within a schooling environment.

Dominique has dealt with many ages, abilities, cultures and backgrounds of children. She has taught in many different types of schools, made relationships with many parents and loved every moment. But for her, teaching academics did not complete her need. For her, the most memorable moments were when she was able to support these amazing people emotionally. And so, her Life Coaching journey began, with a loving husband and two most amazing children cheering for her at home.

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