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Photo of Savannah Steinberg

Savannah Steinberg

Savannah is the founding director of STAR Leadership (Pty) Ltd and has 15 years experience in coach training internationally and locally. Savannah is a professional Executive and Leadership Coach, and…

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Photo of Shé Burnand

Shé Burnand

Shé has over 20 years experience in Corporate with a diverse wealth of experience across multiple industries where her responsibilities covered Marketing, Admin Management, Debtors, Creditors and Human Resources. Shé…

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Photo of Mark Fraser-Grant

Mark Fraser-Grant

Mark Fraser-Grant is a director of Beyond Coaching, a South African business transformation and people company, with a global client base. He is a Consciousness Coach®, Executive Coach, Coach Trainer…

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Photo of Heidi Poulton

Heidi Poulton

Heidi is a qualified Executive and Business Coach (PCC) with over 2 500 coaching hours over the past 25 years, and has trained both locally and Internationally. Heidi has worked…

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Lize Strauss

Lize is a consultant, facilitator, coach and assessment specialist for corporates and SMMEs. She has twenty years experience in training and facilitation in emotional intelligence, team dynamics, leadership and agility…

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Photo of Mary J Fourie

Mary J Fourie

Mary J leads Star Leadership Cape Town and fulfills the roles of Facilitator, Coach and Mentor nationally. She also practices as a Lifestyle Financial Planner in her own licensed financial…

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Photo of Dominique Brits

Dominique Brits

Dominique is leading Star Teens and acts as a Facilitator and Life Coach for STAR Leadership. She helps organise and run the Teen Personal Mastery Series monthly – ranging from…

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Photo of Ashlea Barker

Ashlea Barker

Currently Ashlea’s passion involves coaching entrepreneurs in transcending their current thinking and supporting them in bringing their ideas to the world. She works with the integral coaching methodology, understanding people…

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Photo of Johan Pieters

Johan Pieters

Johan has a deep desire to serve the spiritual and personal growth of others. While the context changed over the years, the core desire never did. Johan’s background is Christian…

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Photo of Cynthia Pillay

Cynthia Pillay

Cynthia is a trained diversity facilitator and has experience in organisational development, team cohesion, culture surveys, and coaching. Her coaching career was born out of a deep desire to support…

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Photo of Carrie Nidd

Carrie Nidd

Carrie Nidd is a Professional coach and Executive coach training facilitator for Star Leadership. With more than a decade of experience in coaching, related practices and courses such as certified…

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Photo of Chantal Dawtrey

Chantal Dawtrey

Chantal Dawtrey stands for lifelong, purposeful learning and leadership development. This motivated her move to become a coach, facilitator and coach supervisor after 23 years in the corporate world. Chantal…

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Star Leadership continues to operate as normal, given we work virtually as a team from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h00.

Scheduled courses remain as per the advertised dates unless further notice is received on the lockdown period. We understand the unpredictable nature of the situation, so we will continue to stay connected to what is happening. Should the situation change, we will either reschedule the module dates or run a live virtual class, online - depending on your requirements.

Watch our website for updates. Bookings are open and enquires/ registrations can be made via our website.

Stay safe.

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