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From Stress to Wellbeing

From Stress to Wellbeing

Many of us have recorded much higher levels of stress and anxiety than usual recently, and rightly so. The problem is that ongoing, accumulated stress has a huge impact on our health if left unchecked. Managing our stress has now become critically important.

This short-course is aimed at providing an insightful, step by step journey to move from stress & burn-out, to increased resilience and a desire for wellness and ultimately sustained wellbeing.

There are a multitude of stress management courses available, and if you are employed in a larger organisation, you have probably attended a stress management course facilitated by your company. There are also many books and videos that highlight coping strategies for stress but nothing really sticks does it? If you are ready to move beyond “just coping”, into a space of wellbeing and thriving, join us for a game-changing and sustainable look at how to do this.

What You Will Learn

In this course, we will expose you to leading research in stress management and resilience, along with some tools and strategies to improve both. We also uncover the difference between wellness and wellbeing, and the importance of both.

Who Should Attend?

The course is ideal for any individuals, from overworked stay-at-home parents to corporates who are interested in unpacking sources of their stress and ultimately enhancing their wellbeing.

The course can also be customised for any organisation dealing with highly stressed employees, and facilitated for groups safely and effectively online.

Format & Duration Of The Course

The course format is multi-dimensional to ensure that the learning gained is understood, applied and sustainable.

There are 3 x 2.5-hour live webinars, facilitated in English by an experienced lead trainer that cover these areas:

  1. The theory of Stress
  2. The theory of Resilience
  3. The theory of Wellbeing

Each webinar is accompanied by a beautifully designed, digital training manual, as well as a digital exercise workbook.

The live webinars, held on Webex or Microsoft Teams, are a week apart, giving time in between for you to read up on the tools, theories and strategies taught in the webinar.

The workbooks are designed to give you space to reflect on your journey related to stress. Self- reflection in its most simple form is about giving yourself the time to think. It not only helps you to discover your true motivations and who you are, but if done regularly, can also help to align your life with your most authentic self. It helps to build emotional self-awareness, align your values and goals and track your growth, and has been shown to significantly improve learning and performance. The intention of the workbooks are to question yourself in a positive way about all the aspects that contribute to your current stress profile or resilience. It’s not about judgement or criticism. It’s to help you get a sense of where you are now with regards to stress, to clarify where you would like to be, and to embark on a new journey to get there.


Introductory launch price: R3 000 ZAR per person, excl. VAT.

*Discounted rates available for groups of 5/10/20+ attendees – please request a separate quote.

Please email for additional information on this short-course.


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