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Mentorship Programme

STAR Mentorship Programme

In essence, Mentoring gives you the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate another person’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge learned through years of experience.

What is the purpose of the programme?
  • To work alongside any leadership development intervention
  • To develop a team of individuals that can help embed the learnings and insights of the programme
  • To have a process that deepens awareness, connection and collaboration between different aspects of the business
  • To have a process that helps educate individuals going through the programme about all of the other aspects of the business
  • To leave with a deep understanding of Responsibility, what this really means, and how to hold yourself and others accountable
What is the intended outcome?
  • To develop a mentorship community to take future mentees through a leadership development process
  • To create a structure that helps bring together the many different facets of the business with the aim of create a higher level of community
  • To have a process that develops the mentors and mentees not only from a technical perspective, but in the ability to develop themselves
What makes this programme different from other programmes like it?
  • The deep desire, passion and commitment of the facilitation team for every person going through this process to get all the concepts and processes on a level that allows everyone to embody them into their life using practical (relevant) real business examples
  • The programme is very practical, and delivers content that will significantly affect each person’s lives both on a professional level, and a personal level. The effect of this is a heightened sense of engagement and participation

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