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"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself"


Why individual mentoring?  When we speak about the individual mentoring offer we share, it is a relationship we create to help you shift to a place of deep self-mastery, a place where your experience of yourself is one of inner peace and harmony, where the choices you make are guided by a value to love accept honour and respect yourself. We call ourselves ‘people systems analysts’ in that through our own journeys to personal mastery, we believe we embody a lot of the aspects of self-mastery, and can support you from a position of living that, to help you to live that as well.

There are many overlaps to coaching, and yet in this relationship, the mentor brings in and shares their own wisdom and experience to help another to develop their own wisdom and expertise

Defining mentoring and what it can provide for you:

“Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange, to enrich their personal and professional journey”. – Suzanne Faure

“Mentoring is an important adult relationship since it creates a legitimate and special space where people can take chances by trying to be authentic about, and find meaning within their real-life professional experience”. – D Doyon

“The purpose of mentoring is always to help the mentee to change something – to improve their performance, to develop their leadership qualities, to develop their partnership skills, to realise their vision, or whatever. This movement from where they are, (‘here’), to where they want to be (‘there’). – Mike Turner

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