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Human Hibernation?

Human Hibernation?

There are many articles and books written on hibernation or cocooning – why humans don’t hibernate; and different opinions on whether to take it slow or whether it is best to keep the momentum going.

With us half-way through autumn already, the colder temperatures and darker skies have set in. No wonder many are considering acting on the natural feeling to avoid it, slow down and stay indoors instead with comfy clothes.

We really like what Mike Vance said: “Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up.”

So maybe there’s a middle-ground to consider?

While the feeling of hibernation (or slowing down) almost comes naturally, it may be well worth keeping some of the activities in tact like an exercise routine or some form of activity.

Instead of mindless binge-watching of your favourite series (again), read a book instead or pull out the boardgames and make it a fun-filled family evening.

The colder months also tend to make us crave “comfort food”. But instead of take-aways, try a new recipe every other week with seasonal vegetables.

If you follow nature’s cues – shorter days and longer nights could be the perfect opportunity to retrain your body on getting more hours of sleep per night – something that will benefit you right through the year.

There’s no harm in slowing down – just use the “slower” time wisely and spend it on activities that would aid relationships you hold dear, shift your thinking and promote genuine self-care and self-love.

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