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"If you do what you have always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"
STAR Consulting

With transformation and growth being two key focus points in today’s small and large organisations alike, it is important that staff members from all levels really understand these concepts.

STAR Consulting offers tailor-made consulting services to address these concepts in a sustainable manner, and our experience spans across many of the building-blocks needed to show true transformation and growth, including strategy, change management, team rescue, project coaching and the ability to assist and support you in setting up your own coaching fraternity.

Change Management

Albert Einstein said: The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”.

If you want to take your organisation / executive team to a new level, it requires a significant shift from targets and objectives to behaviours and attitudes.

How do you do that? STAR brings in effective communication thinking through our Star Coaching approach that provides a fresh new approach to seeing the world and being in the world.

The struggles that most organisations face today is being stuck in a system that is archaic, and extremely difficult to change. Organisations spend large amounts of their already tight budgets on new systems and interventions, yet many find themselves disillusioned by the lack of change that these supposed improvements seem to deliver.

What causes shift in people and thereby in organisations? This is what STAR speaks to and pride ourselves on. When you have an intervention with Star, things start to move into a new direction where your values, visions and missions comes off the wall and authentically lived in the workplace.


Strategy today and strategy 5 years ago are two different concepts. The future is so uncertain that we no longer can plan 3-5 years ahead, so how do we transition into the future in the way that business and the world work today?

Strategy is key to any organisation as it speaks to vision and innovation; transporting you, your team and the bigger organisation into completely different levels of thinking and creating. But for strategy to become reality, you need people to help you to break free from traditional ways of thinking.

STAR strategy sessions will break down boxed-in thinking which will open an entirely new perspective on how to facilitate and lead strategy. We are all about realness, and can help you turn your strategy from numbers and PowerPoint presentations, to tangible pieces of work that is understandable and achievable.

Team Rescue

Projects are often kicked off with big plans and an enthusiastic team; but often end up needing to be rescued just a few months later. In most instances, this common problem is due to a lack of team.

Teams are put together to make projects happen, yet they struggle to operate as one and perform functions in silos with no sense of accountability to each other. Business optimisation is only truly possible as a result of people optimisation.

The question is: how do we create a team that are collaborating in the truest sense of the meaning of the word team?

The reality we face, is that globally we sit with a massive leadership vacuum. Many organisations are seeking to find how to lead with all the conditions we face today. We have the baby boomer generation exiting and the millennials entering. Added to that, is a diverse work force who needs to face competition on a global playing field, which just adds to the economic strain that already needs to be absorbed. We also need to deal with major breakdowns in leadership, causing people to doubt traditional methods even more. This brings together a melting pot of huge complexity, with a direct impact on the effectiveness of a team.

With proven success, the STAR methodology is based on building real teams by working on individuals, how they show up, what message are they giving to each other and the world. We start rebuilding individuals, so that they can feel empowered and apply their learning at the office and at home.

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