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Module 1
JHB M1: 09 – 11 March 2020

STAR Coach Training Programme

This programme is a deep immersion into what true transformation is, and how you can really make sustainable shifts in all aspects of your life. The underlying paradigm that runs throughout, is to empower individuals to ‘be conscious’, ‘be in control (of your thinking)’, and to ‘be in creation’. It empowers individuals to embody unconditional positive regard for self and for others, unconditional acceptance of what is, and to constantly come from a place of genuineness, and that it is not that we need to let go or get rid of any aspect of ourselves but rather to embrace and allow more.

STAR Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme is an Accredited Coach Training provider with the ICF. It is also a registered Training Institution and member of COMENSA and The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), and is recognized at an NQF Level 5.

Programme Content
Module 1: Spirit (SQ) • The invisible forces that direct our lives

They key to any change is awareness. Without this, no change is possible. This module explores the systemic influences that govern the choices we make in our daily lives. Research suggests that of the totality of what there is to be aware of, what rises to the level of our consciousness is closer to zero than to even one percent. Whilst many people believe they are fully in control of their lives, these statistics show otherwise. It is the 99% unconscious that drives and determines the choices we make every day. This module creates awareness of a myriad of aspects that form part of this; freeing people to make different choices and facilitating increased compassion for self and others. Participants will leave with a heightened awareness of the system humans operate in as well as their own self-system. 

Module 2: Emotions (EQ) • The invisible forces that direct our relationships

A key drive for being human is the need to belong. This drives a whole host of dysfunctional behaviours in relationships when this longing is unconscious. The purpose of this module is to introduce the basics in coaching such that participants leave with an ability to facilitate conversations with purpose that lead to constructive outcomes. Further to this, it explores the fundamental ingredients to make relationships work and enable collaborative and creative interactions.  

Module 3: Adversity (AQ) • The invisible forces that direct ourselves

For a person to have a powerful relationship to another requires for them to have a powerful relationship to Self. This module continues to build one’s capacity for powerful and effective communication by deepening one’s awareness of the factors that adversely affect this. Module 3 invests a lot of time into the practical application of coaching and developing as a powerful coach, which lies at the heart of being a transformational leader. 

Module 4: Creativity (CQ) • Being the leader you were born to be

A person’s level of personal mastery determines their level of effectiveness in life. To lead others, we must first be able to lead ourselves. Module 4 continues to deepen the participant’s professional coaching skills while simultaneously goes into the more complex aspects of a person’s psyche. Top level coaching in organizations (and with individuals alike) require a coach to be able to work with their clients ingrained patterns of behaviour. To achieve this, the coach needs to be able to work on their own. This module enables the participants to coach on a far greater systemic level with more sustainable results. 

Module 5: Physical (PQ) • REAL Leader

Radical Evolutionary Authentic Leadership is what is required to lead the next generation into the future. 

Says Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz “to be Fully Engaged, we must be Physically Energized, Emotionally Connected, Mentally Focused and Spiritually Aligned with a Purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.”

This module looks at peak performance and the requirements to remain in this condition. 

Module 5 facilitates a process for participants to leave feeling clear on where they are going and how they will get there, empowered to have conversations that meet people on a real level and that enable engagement, autonomy and innovation.

What is the purpose of the programme?
  • For those seeking a first-class coach education
  • For those in an existential search and who seek a deeply personal and transformational experience
  • For those who want an entirely new approach to leadership
  • To empower people to know what it really means to love, accept, honour and respect yourself
What is the intended outcome?
  • To feel confident to leave the training and coach
  • To have had an experience that profoundly alters their life for good
  • To have an experience of being fully free to be all of who they are, and fully self-expressed
  • To leave with clarity on how to embody living life from the choice to ‘Love, Accept, Honour and Respect’ oneself
What makes this programme different from other programmes like it?
  • The deep desire, passion and commitment of the facilitation team for every person going through this process to get all the concepts and processes on a level that allows everyone to apply them into their life
  • The group sizes are kept small, max 10, to ensure every person in the process gets enough personal attention. These conditions create a sanctuary that allows people to be authentic and transparent which creates a vulnerability and realness not often felt in real life
  • You go through your own self-transformation which allows you to hold the space for others / your client to go through their own

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