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Change Management

Albert Einstein said: The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”.

If you want to take your organisation / executive team to a new level, it requires a significant shift from targets and objectives to behaviours and attitudes.

How do you do that? STAR brings in effective communication thinking through our Star Coaching approach that provides a fresh new approach to seeing the world and being in the world.

The struggles that most organisations face today is being stuck in a system that is archaic, and extremely difficult to change. Organisations spend large amounts of their already tight budgets on new systems and interventions, yet many find themselves disillusioned by the lack of change that these supposed improvements seem to deliver.

What causes shift in people and thereby in organisations? This is what STAR speaks to and pride ourselves on. When you have an intervention with Star, things start to move into a new direction where your values, visions and missions comes off the wall and authentically lived in the workplace.

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