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“Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible.”

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments provide a powerful platform for individuals to gain deep insight into various different aspects of themselves. Alongside a coaching or training intervention, they can greatly speed up the process by providing a depth of new awareness about key aspects that need to be developed or amplified from the get go. Star Leadership offers several assessments, all deeply aligned with taking individuals on a personal development journey.

Assessments can be used across the following:

Leadership development | Workplace safety | Team dynamics | Coaching | Career coaching

EQi 2.0®
Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0 ®

EQi Certified logo

The EQi measures a person’s emotional intelligence across key areas that focus on emotional and social functioning. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of how a person’s results, impact on his/her workplace performance (from emotional self-management, to conflict resolution, teamwork, stress management, change management and decision making). It helps individuals and those who manage and coach them, understand their own strengths and development areas to become better leaders, create more effective teams, communicate more effectively, and build better relationships.


  • Individual Assessment
  • Team Assessment

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

mbti certified logo

The MBTI offers insight into the seemingly random variation in the behaviours of different people – it shows the consistent differences in personality preference. Understanding the different psychological preferences of people in how they perceive their world and make decisions, leads to powerful self-insight and awareness, and supports coaching, team development and engagement. Understanding the differences between individuals in how they prefer to do things, allows for acceptance of diverse personalities, and utilising the strengths and benefits that each person’s preferences bring to areas like team work, analysis, studies, communication, interpersonal interaction, and problem solving.


  • Individual Assessment
  • Team Assessment

Hogan Assessments

Hogan Certified Logo

Strategic self-awareness is the foundation of true professional development. A vital part of self-awareness is the differentiation between identity (how a person sees themselves) and reputation (how they are seen by others).

The Hogan suite of assessments is a premier executive assessment range. It offers powerful insight into personal characteristics that facilitate and enable success, but more importantly, it offers unique insight into the characteristics that can case failure and career and team derailment.

It enables effective Talent Acquisition (reducing turnover, hiring top talent, organisational fit) and Talent Development (self-insight through understanding strengths and weaknesses) through creating understanding of personal performance capabilities, challenges, and motivators, and how that influences interpersonal effectiveness.


  • Individual Assessment
  • Team Assessment

Enneagram Assessment

Enneagram Assessment

A tool to develop SQ and EQ and enhance powerful communication in your organisation and with . More than a personality typology, the Enneagram is actually a profound map that illuminates the nine different architectures of the human personality. It is also the most powerful and practical system available for increasing emotional intelligence, with insights that can be used for personal and professional development. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is fast becoming the single greatest predictor of success in every occupation and industry across the globe, outdistancing IQ and on-the job experience. Because the Enneagram is cross-cultural and highly accurate, with many work-related applications, it is currently being used by organisations worldwide to help employees and leaders in the following areas: communication, conflict, feedback, teams, leadership, strategy, decision making, self-mastery, coaching, and more.


  • Individual assessment
  • Team assessment
  • Team Development Day
  • Organisation assessment

Science of happiness at work: SOH@W

Science of happiness at work: SOH@WAn Organisational Climate and Employee Engagement Tool
Professionals in the people business have always known that happy employees are the better performers at work and now we’re actually able to prove the link between Happiness at Work and performance. The model gives companies a tangible way to tap into the Happiness at Work elements (commitment, contribution, conviction, confidence and culture) and drive performance upwards by focusing on the psychological capital of their people.


  • Individual assessment
  • Team assessment (maximum 9)
  • Organisational assessment

Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT)

Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT)Think about the last time you worked in an organisation where there was excitement in the air; where you felt the organisation cared about your growth and development; where everything possible was done to enhance the customer experience; and where everyone was pulling in the same direction. Most certainly, that was a high performing organisation.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments commercially available, to leaders, consultants, and coaches. The Cultural Transformation Tools are designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.


  • Individual Values Assessment (IVA)
  • Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)
  • Cultural Values Assessment (CVA)

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